No mere “triple threat”, Bianca Ingram is a verifiable “multiple threat” who sings, dances, acts AND writes, designs and directs..all at an elite level. She is a superstar currently working on connecting with her audience! Her growing following on social media of 30K-plus forms a solid foundation for an international multi-faceted career.

In 2016, while on tour across North America in a lead role in the Motown Tribute Musical “Dancing In The Streets”, the club mix of her single Catch22 skyrocketed to number 5 on the Music Week Urban Charts in the UK.
Following that success, Bianca released an EP, “Synthesis” which was dance inspired and featured the hit single “What I Want”. The “What I Want” music video was acclaimed all across the United States and helped establish Bianca Ingram as true Pop threat.

Bianca just released her 2nd EP ‘Sentient’, which showcases her R&B talents and most authentic sound. The lead single, “Nocturnal” displays her affinity for jazz, as it features a sax played by her award winning uncle, James Ingram. Bianca’s eclectic taste in music is trickled throughout this EP and melded together to create a brand new flavor for your ears!

Join the “Bianculars” and get ready for a once in a generation talent as she prepares to take the world by storm! Follow Bianca: Website , Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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