Supreme from Urban Expressions drops in to talk about transitioning from Rap to TV, touring, his new single, and everyday life. 25 years in the music business, adapting to new styles of hip hop, and two children nothing stops his hustle it all only strengthens him.

Moneyvated pulls up to the Radio Loft and kicks it with Sir and Pearline B. This group is all about getting money thru their art. Not only do they role deep they always come with gifts! Leader of Moneyvated, Mr.Collins talks about his role in the group, music, videos, and what it is like being a brand new group. Tune in, Meet a few members, and get Moneyvated!

17 year old rapper Yahz from South Phily slides thru with his new single “Chooser”, he talks about being a ladies man, new music, upcoming projects, staying grounded, and dealing with crazy girls. Wait until you hear what girls do at his school every time he drops a track. Listen in!

Awesome, well accomplished artist, childhood friend of Pearline B, and 106 & Park freestyle hall of famer Mike Voss drops by to talk about his latest project “Lost and Crowned”. He gives us the inspiration behind the title and lets us preview mad new exclusive tracks. His style varies from “Laid back and vibe out” to “Turn up we in here!”

Comedian and Actress TaTa Sherise sits in with Sir and his co-host, Pearline B to talk about her best and worst Christmas gifts, how to get out of buying gifts, the Jamaican life, and her plans for the holidays.

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At age 12, I was a problem child. From setting my school on fire to stealing and racing cars, I did it. One day my mom had had enough. “That’s it!” she said, “I’ve had it! I’m sending you away! Pack up!” I couldn’t tell whether she was serious or not, but I packed. While on the way to a group home, with my clothes in the back seat of the car, my mom stopped to pick up her paycheck. “Don’t move,” she said as she got out of the car. Read more under the "About Sir" in the menu.