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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Selfless acts with Sir: Feeding the Homeless

Sir and the team set off to downtown Philadelphia, to feed the homeless. In the end they realize they are the ones who have been fed. Watch as they indulge in the SOULfood that only real charity can deliver. Only on OAWS!

Executive Producer Vicky does a no call no show!

In this episode Sir and his team are back in the office after the Christmas break for their first meeting of 2017. However their executive producer Vicky does a no call no show!

The team gets OnAirWithSir T-Shirts!

During an regularly scheduled evening of recording, the OnAirWithSir staff is surprised with official team t-shirts in preparation for the LIVE show! #official #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Filthy Rich or The Love of Your Life? Pick one!

Which one would you pick? Filthy Rich for the rest of your life… But you will never fall in love… OR marry and live with the love of your life… But be broke… Or lets just say you can’t make more than 40k a year…

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