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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sadaam Hasaan stops by to discuss his latest ep “It’s Time”

(User Submitted Footage) Sadaam Hasaan sits down with On-Air with Sir to discuss his latest ep “It’s Time”

Hauncho NoDice New Single “Her Birthday”

Hauncho NoDice born and raised in “Da Bottom” of West Philadelphia. This talented songwriter prides himself on lyricism and catchy choruses with a plethora of flows to set himself apart from other HipHop artists.

Once a finalist in “The Next Star Show” Hauncho has showcased his talents throughout his Philadelphia region.

Currently this indie artist is tapping into new fanbases with his hit single “Her Birthday.” It’s only a matter of time before Hauncho carves his signature “Dice Sound” in on the heart of HipHop globally.

Novelist Chris Laird drives down for Detroit to speak with Sir about his new book “Origins”

Novelist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, mental health therapist and studying psychologist has dedicated this site to his fans for all of his upcoming novels and other news. Mr. Laird was born in Detroit, MI. He is a graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit with a degree in psychology. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, writing, reading, and dining out.

Purchase book here!

Oneluv Stops by the show!

Oneluv’s Bio:
Christian Clarence Mahugu aka Oneluv is a Kenya born rapper/recording artist who not only raps and sings but has versatility in music production, and film production. Oneluv is a proud Temple University graduate who holds a dual degree in graphic design and film and mass media. Oneluv has created media for a few members of philadelphia own state property and other underground hiphop talent but is now known as a recording artist.

What drives Oneluv?
The passion. Oneluv has always been artistic from as far back as childhood and ultimately continued his art into college graduating temple university with a duel major graphic design/film and mass media.


Suzann Christine teams back up with Amir Rogers to bring this beautiful visual to uplift and empower the black community with her latest song “FLY” produced by Rasheed Sanders aka Hyptno.

Ever Since – Broadway (Official Video)

Broadway is on a mission to bring heartfelt music with cause back to the forefront with his un-orthodox lyrical style and a personality so bright he can light up a room.

If you would like to learn more about Broadway and his Slaves2Kings movement you can check out his bio at www.slaves2kings.com/broadway-bio.

NEW VIDEO! Gobbana – “JumpShot”

Hailing from the streets of north Philadelphia, Aaron Gobbana Pleasant is a model, music artist as well as actor, director & writer of “Karma 101, the touring college based stage play. “Karma 101” has partnered with the school district of Philadelphia, Philadelphia University as well as won “Multi Cultural Program of the year at Penn State University.” Gobbana started his career as a radio host eventually expanding into a music artist. Gobbana has musically toured internationally, been on television in over five different countries, and recently opened up for Migos & K Camp in Atlanta. His recent stop in Jamaica Gobbana was able to connect with fans at Montego Bay High School. Last but not least, Gobbana is also known to “Rip the Runway,” modeling during Fashion Week in multiple cities.

Ju$$-B Puts His Spin on A Boogie’s ‘Macaroni’


Ju$$-B has been working on some new material for the year. First piece, a remix to A Boogie‘s “Macaroni.” Quick and witty, which we are accustomed to with this Brooklyn artist, Ju$$’s piece will leave you wanting more.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting on One Nine but no pressure… 2017 just came around.

H.O.Fame – Fantasizing

Fantasizing ( Official Music Video )
Directed By : MizoTheDon
Produced By : @Thriller4Real
Writtin By : H.O.Fame
Starring Kichi Lee

It’s a simple concept, but H.O. Fame’s “Fantasizing” video is super relatable. Most of the video is filmed on what looks like, a rooftop of some building in his hometown. Mix that in with a few cameos of a beautifully silhouetted woman, and some dance moves…and there ya go…a simple, yet pretty dope visual! So if you like what you’ve heard, there’s definitely more where that came from! Be sure to head to iTunes and Spotify for the F.A.M.E EP.

VIA TheHalloffame

EuroFlo Delivers “P.U.T.P” ft PlayboySwag & Chacka


Word on the street is EuroFlo has been putting in work, as if that wasn’t obvious enough.

Last two months he’s been pretty active. He released a surprise visual to “Good Looks”  and the track “WeAintEvenSposeToBeHere.” But now we got some new bars to bump to

Check out his latest smooth single, “P.U.T.P” above. Oh and keep your eyes peeled for what he has next.