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Monday, January 14, 2019

Jay Z: The Rise To Success

A documentary on Jay Z’s journey to becoming one of the greatest rappers of all time as well as one of the most successful hip-hop moguls to ever live.

Do Schools Kill Creativity? with Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Under The Influence: New York Hardcore

In the first episode of our series Under the Influence, we go from the streets of the Lower East Side all the way to South Korea to examine one of the most distinctive genres to sprout from the concrete of New York City: hardcore. Along the way, we’ll meet with everyone from tattoo shop owners to chefs to government workers—all of whom have been inspired by the teachings at musical meccas like CBGB’s and A7 and found ways to apply the lessons learned from the scene to their own lives. Join us—as well as members of Agnostic Front, Title Fight, Youth of Today, Incendiary, and more—as we explore a world living under the influence of New York Hardcore.

The 46 Year Pregnancy

This astonishing documentary examines two remarkable pregnancies. In one, a 75-year-old Moroccan woman gave birth to a ‘stone baby’, 46 years after it was conceived. And a British woman describes her ectopic pregnancy, in which her baby developed outside the womb.

This almost always leads to the baby’s death, but in one of the cases, a boy who developed in the stomach lining and was delivered two months early, survived as one of triplets — at odds of around 60 million to one.

In 1955, in a small village outside Casablanca, Zahra Aboutalib went into labour. Forty-eight hours later, the baby was still unborn so Zahra was rushed to hospital. However, after watching a young woman die in agony on the operating table, she turned and fled in panic, convinced she would suffer the same fate.

Days of excruciating pain followed, then the pains suddenly stopped. Zahra believed in the local myth of the ‘sleeping baby’, so put the pregnancy out of her mind, believing the baby would be born at a later date.

This never happened, and many decades passed — during which time Zahra adopted three children and became a grandmother. Aged 75, the agonising pains returned, but several doctors couldn’t explain them. Then Dr Taibi Quazzani, who felt that Zahra’s swollen stomach indicated an ovarian tumour, sent her for scans.

The result was shocking: the mass inside Zahra’s stomach was a calcified baby. Unable to be born, the baby — which had developed outside the womb and fused with Zahra’s internal organs — had died.

To protect itself from infection from this ‘foreign body’, the body developed a layer of hard calcified material around the dead baby. This hardened over the years. The operation to remove the calcified foetus was a tricky one, as over the decades it had fused with both Zahra’s abdominal wall and the internal organs.

But its mother, who could have died of complications so many times over the years, was lucky once more. She had even been lucky to run from the hospital. Without the required scanning technology, the doctors responsible for Zahra’s baby would have opened her up for a Caesarian section unaware of the baby’s positioning, and would probably have cut through the umbilical cord.

This could caused massive internal bleeding, killing both Zahra and her baby. There are around 300 cases of the syndrome reported, but Zahra’s calcified baby spent the longest time in the womb. .

The World’s Smallest Muscleman

Documentary about 2ft 9in, Indian muscleman Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev is the world’s smallest bodybuilder. Pint-sized Romeo is well-known in his hometown of Phagwara, India – for his ability to lift 1.5kg dumbbells – despite his overall 9kg body weight.

Every day, crowds flock to the local gym to the see the mini-muscleman in training.

Romeo can shoulder press custom made 1.5kg dumbbells, a notable feat given his 9kg (20 lbs.) body weight and 2′ 9″ stature. Although it has not been published in a Guinness World Records book, in 2006 they recognized him to be the “world’s smallest bodybuilder”.

Unlike many little people Romeo is well proportioned, having a head of 15 inches and a chest of 20 inches. He maintains his toned body by putting in long hours with his trainer Ranjeet Pal.

Romeo enjoys great fame in his home country and makes many appearances on local television to show off his dancing abilities. In addition to bodybuilding, Romeo’s dream is to travel extensively as an entertainer and dancer. .

The Man Who Ate Himself To Death

The tragic story of Ricky Naputi, one of the world’s fattest men. At nearly 65 stone, bedridden and confined to his home on the Pacific island of Guam, Ricky had limited access to obesity medical care. Even finding a doctor to give him the weight-loss surgery he so desperately needed would prove to be a massive challenge.

Ricky lived with Cheryl, his wife of ten years, on a beautiful tropical island, but for the last five years of his life he never would never be able to appreciate it. He had become a prisoner in his own home, trapped in his bed, morbidly obese and unable to walk. In a desperate effort to get help, Ricky and Cheryl tracked down campaigner Angie Flores, herself a former weight-loss surgery patient. However, she lived 10,000 miles away in Houston, Texas. Angie promised Ricky that she would try to find away of getting him to America to have the operation.

Ricky was supported by Cheryl and Angie, but was told that to even be considered for surgery he needed to lose weight and attend a special clinic where his food consumption could be closely monitored. Following Ricky during his last few months and witnessing the devastating consequences of his overeating, this film reveals his last ditch effort to save his life. .

40 Year Old Child: A New Case – the little girl who doesn’t grow.

40 Year Old Child: A New Case – TLC revisits the Williams family in Billings, Montana, whose 8-year-old daughter Gabby suffers a mystery medical condition that slows her rate of aging. The Williams along with a handful of other families are facing the unknown when battling against this bizarre and inexplicable syndrome that affects the growth and overall development of their children, from blindness and deafness to the inability to walk, eat or even speak on their own. Following the everyday lives of these families and the doctors who have dedicated their careers to studying the signs of aging and are determined to find an answer.

DMX VH1 Behind The Music

Get a behind the scenes look into the life of DMX! Where he comes from and so much more!

Secret Societies of Hollywood

If you are famous you can get anything! Celebrities can get away with anything! Access to things money can’t buy!

Why Men Watch Porn

Every guy dreads the moment his girlfriend, inevitably, asks if he watches porn. He does some awkward stammering, some handwringing, some eye contact avoidance. Lots of “ums” pepper a few awkward, contradictory phrases like, “Well, no… not really, but sometimes. I mean, uh, I guess?” Eventually, every man put in this position forces out the same phrase: “I don’t really like that stuff.”

That’s not true. Guys, including your boyfriend, like porn. So do a lot of women. Men just get off to visuals more easily, which is why it always seems to be guys watching all the porn. It doesn’t mean men are constantly looking at porn and self-pleasuring like fiendish deviants. Your boyfriend (probably) doesn’t have some insane stash of weird fetish porn and Fleshlights hidden somewhere in his walls. But most guys look at porn on a fairly regular basis. Every guy I know looks at it anywhere from once or twice a day to once a week. These are single guys, dating guys, married guys, and guys who have fuck buddies. Maybe the guys who have a lot of sex look at a little less porn, and maybe the ones in a dry spell Google it a little more, but relationship status doesn’t affect guy’s habits a whole lot. It’s funny, when guys talk about how often they watch porn, they assume they are average; anything else is too little or too much. Some men have higher sex drives and more frequent masturbation habits the same way some people might like to have a glass of wine with dinner every night. They’re not necessarily addicts or alcoholics. It not until porn impacts a man’s personal life or sex drive that you should be concerned.

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