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Monday, January 14, 2019

Welcome To On-Air with Sir

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – On-Air with Sir is a platform where people and your favorite celebrities come to speak about different relatable day-to-day topics, and showcase their talents and skills. This platform was created to also educate one another through laughter. On-Air with Sir began in 1997 in the Philadelphia area. Sponsors can come and take advantage by being a part of a winning team and network to gain exposure for their businesses. This platform allows everyone from all different races and backgrounds to come together on air to express their opinions, ask lifestyle questions, and laugh about average life scenarios.

“There is one guy that changed my life, his name is Mic Fox, and now he is an executive at Hot 97.1,” said Sir, radio personality for On-Air with Sir. “He showed me to keep chasing my dreams the best is yet to come.” Sir’s national exposure began as a host for the BET Countdown, and held that position for four years. He was also the guest host for 106 & Park. He later decided to begin his own radio show “On Air with Sir” and has been in the broadcasting game for over 20 years. On Air with Sir was 12 years old when he was first placed on the radio, it was that experience as well as working for Radio One’s BOOM 103.9 FM; and being in the internet business that placed him in the position he’s in today. The radio show inspired millions with tons of episodes, and interviews with celebrities like T.I, PNB Rock, and Yaz from the hit tv show Empire; mixed as always with a simple dose of laughter through education. Sir is here to “educate not to entertain,” he exclaims.

Sir is not your normal Philly radio personality. On Air With Sir has been on the radio for 8 years, and his goal is to achieve over 100 radio stations in the mix. He has a full in-house production team of his own. On-Air with Sir has been signed to over 15 digital internet stations. Sir is known for being “The Holiday Host” for his specialty shows on air with Boom 103.9. One of his many accomplishments was broadcasting live for Made in America and The Roots Picnic. What you can expect from the amazing radio show are the upcoming episodes this Summer 2018! Watch out for this multi-talented radio personality, and one more MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT, coming very soon. Be on the look out, he’s going global!

You can listen to On-Air with Sir every Saturday and Sunday on BOOM 103.9 from 12:00 p.m – 4:00 p.m. For more information, visit the radio’s website blog www.onairwithsir.com or contact through email, info@onairwithsir.com.

Sir's Official Bio

At age 12, I was a problem child. From setting my school on fire to stealing and racing cars, I did it. One day my mom had had enough. “That’s it!” she said, “I’ve had it! I’m sending you away! Pack up!”

I couldn’t tell whether she was serious or not, but I packed. While on the way to a group home, with my clothes in the back seat of the car, my mom stopped to pick up her paycheck. “Don’t move,” she said as she got out of the car.

Being the kid I was, I got out as soon as she was out of sight and followed her into the building. As I roamed the building, I walked into a radio station. It was WDRE 103.9, a rock station. The receptionist probably thought I was the child of someone who worked there and I walked into the offices freely. After an hour and a half of exploring I got bored and headed back to the car. On my way there, I found my mom crying on the floor.

“I thought someone took you!” she yelled. A man walked into the hallway and saw my mom crying. “Are you OK?” he asked her. “My son is driving me crazy! I don’t know what to do anymore!” “Come in and let me talk to him,” the man said. My mom and I went into the radio station. He sat my mom in the conference room.

“I’ll be right back, try to relax. I’ll talk to him.” He took me into his office. I didn’t like the idea of someone other than my father trying to straighten me out. I threw my hoodie over my head and crossed my arms. “You ain’t my dad,” I thought.

The man started with speeches I had heard before: “You can’t do this,” “Life is real,” “Do you want to end up in jail or dead?” Yeah, yeah. Got it.Then this: “How about for every A you get on your report card I’ll give you $75, and for every B, I’ll give you $50 and for every C, D or F, I’ll take money away, and if you get straight honor roll and don’t get in trouble again, I will give you a job here talking on the radio.” My eyes got wide, the hoodie came down. “That’s like, a million dollars!” I thought. “Deal!” I said.

A few months later, I came back with nothing but A’s and B’s, got over $750, and started talking on the radio. The guy changed my life and his name was Mic Fox, now an executive at Vevo. Mic and I have been great friends for over ten years now. I see Mic as a big brother and an inspiration. He later got me a job hosting on BET for four years, which gave me a solid foundation in the broadcast industry, a foundation I’m building on now.